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  • 5 crucial things to look out for when buying a used van

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    Buying a used van is a great way to save £100s if not £1000s; but before you jump on board and make a hefty purchase, there are a few crucial things for you to look out for.

    Oddly flickering lights

    When testing the lights, if you notice any sort of flickering or dimming then it could mean an underlying issue with the car's electrical system. If so, this could be a potential indicator that things are on the way out and could cost you a lot to fix shortly down the road.

    Safe breaks

    Take the van out for a test drive and be sure to properly test the breaks on a clear flat stretch of road. If anything feels off to you, then don’t go ahead just yet.

    Worn tyres

    First of all, you want to be sure that the tyres are 100% legal. This means they should have a tread all the way around of more than 1.6mm; the sides should be free from gauges and bulges and the tyre should look worn evenly all the way around. If not, this could suggest suspension issues. Fitting your van out with a new set of wheels may set you back another £100 or more not far into the future, so make sure they are all in good condition before purchasing.

    Sound engine

    If before you even start the van the engine is warm, then this could suggest problems. Once it’s been running for a period and you have taken it for a test drive, make sure it doesn’t smell of smoke and be aware of any strange noises.

    Sturdy suspension

    The way to quickly test if the suspension is good is to push down on each corner of the vehicle. It should bounce once and then return to its natural position smoothly. Anything other than this could indicate the suspension is worn down and could be catastrophic if any issues arise whilst driving.

    If you see any issues with your used van at any point before purchasing, then be sure to bring this up with the dealer and get any issues resolved. If you still feel uncomfortable or aren’t 100% confident in what they have assured you, then don’t make the purchase. At Plympton van and car sales, we thoroughly vet all of our used vans beforehand and once you are here we are more than happy to go through the whole process again with you.