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  • Why finance with Plympton?


    At Plympton Van and Car Sales we know that most people don’t have thousands of pounds sitting in a bank account ready to spend on your ideal van or car. This is why we offer financial solutions to ensure that the cost of your vehicle is broken down into something a lot more manageable. But, what are the benefits of finance?

    Simple and easy

    Financing a vehicle is an easy way to get you on the road with the van or car that you want, without having to make compromises. With financial solutions you decide how much you want to pay each month and therefore you can spend as much, or as little as you'd like. The application process is simple and with car finance you don't have to wait around for weeks wondering whether you'll be accepted as you would with a bank loan.

    The problems with old cars

    Buying an old and cheap used car can cause many problems, as due to their age and lack of reliability you never know when you'll have to pay once again for another vehicle, and you most likely only have a few years left of use in it. When you buy a more recent car on finance you know after a few years you'll own an asset to be proud of, which is a lot less likely to cause you trouble along the way.

    Your options

    We also appreciate that you want options when financing your vehicle, which is why we have four separate solutions to make your life easier. We offer the commonly known Hire Purchase and also Personal Contract Purchase, Motor Loan and a No Fees Loan. At Plympton, we pride ourselves on customer service and are more than happy to talk these options through with you on the phone or in person, to ensure you have full confidence in your buying experience.

    Call us today to speak to one of our knowledgeable staff about Finance in Plymouth.