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  • Why our extended warranty really delivers peace of mind


    Many of our customers are keen to match just such a feeling with the quality vehicle they have chosen from our huge Plympton car and van choices. This is why we immediately provide an in-house warranty, with our compliments, to cover the first three months of their vehicle ownership.

    Appreciating the wide range of help that is included in this often leads customers to ask if we can further extend this period of coverage for them. To quote Barack Obama's key slogan during his first US presidential campaign: 'Yes we can'.

    You can choose to purchase either a six or twelve-month option. Either offers great value; here are some of the key areas which are included:

    1. An extensive provenance check which helps ensure the vehicle you purchase has a clean history. This is matched with a vital verification of the vehicle mileage.

    2. A comprehensive UK breakdown package, covering both home and roadside repairs and assistance. A national relay service is also included.

    3. A superb buy-back promise which means that Plympton guarantees to buy the vehicle as a part exchange for a further purchase - and that is regardless of its age and condition, or the mileage on its clock.

    Of course, your chosen vehicle will also undergo a 60-point vehicle safety inspection and the warranty provides electrical and mechanical wear and tear protection.

    So, whether your choice is a Mini Hatch to get you around town or a Jaguar XF for its sense of luxury and style, a Land Rover Freelander to take you through the wonderful Devon countryside or a Citroen C3 Picasso for efficient family transportation, make sure you ask about the superb cover offered by our extended warranty package.

    Indeed, if you'd like further details, or to ask any questions, a quick call to our friendly and professional Plympton team on 01752 335757 is all it takes.