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  • 5 crucial things to look out for when buying a used van

    28/04/2017 11:48:17

    tips buying a car

    Buying a used van is a great way to save £100s if not £1000s; but before you jump on board and make a hefty purchase, there are a few crucial things for you to look out for.

    Oddly flickering lights

    When testing

  • It's time you treated yourself to the best, and they don't come better than the Mercedes C250

    18/04/2017 13:50:04

    merc c250

    Mercedes is a company that is on the up-and-up and when you look at their current range of cars, you can see why. It is a car brand that has always been associated with style and luxury, but moving into the 21st century it’s fair to say that its cars started

  • Why finance with Plympton?

    31/03/2017 10:47:45


    At Plympton Van and Car Sales we know that most people don’t have thousands of pounds sitting in a bank account ready to spend on your ideal van or car. This is why we offer financial solutions to ensure that the cost of your vehicle is broken down into something a lo

  • Buying a used car from Plympton Van and Car Sales

    22/03/2017 15:40:02

    van sales

    Buying a used car was once considered a risky option. You couldn't be sure if the previous owner took care of it, or if it would be reliable, but not with us. We have been supplying great quality used cars for 50 years from our wide range of used cars available in the Pl

  • Top 3 picks from our showroom

    13/03/2017 08:46:34

    plymouth showroom

    Here at Plympton Van and Car Sales we always maintain a good stock of used vans and commercials, so if you're in in Devon or Cornwall and want a reliable vehicle to support your business, look no further.

    Let's have a quick look around the showroo

  • Plympton Car and Van sales

    02/03/2017 06:01:49

    Welcome to the home of Plympton Van and Car Sales! We know how difficult it is to find a worthy vehicle so we want to help you find the perfect used car and van for your needs. But why should you choose us? Here are our top reasons!


    We stock cars in the Plymouth area on Auto Trader, the UK's number one car buying site, and we regularly change our stock to

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